This is not a game in itself but a setting, combining all of the warhammer 40k systems into one “campaign”.
This will mostly be used as a wikipedia site for various information, if anything is discovered during a game, it will be revealed on the wiki-page for everyone to see.

Dark heresy campaigns takes place in the Calixis sector and the askellan sector as soon as the 2nd edition is out (and I have bought it). It will start out with the PCs serving a inquisitor and how the inquisition work. A lot of focus will be on the various philosophies within the inquisition… not everyone is a monodominant Puritan.

Rogue trader campaigns takes place in the calixis sector or the maw as a tutorial, then opens up to the koronus expanse and the very boarders of the selfmade Isiris Sector. Vast amount of riches can be gotten in this part of space, but there is also plenty of dangers, and rivals who want to get the riches before…. or after you.

Only War campaigns: with the newly discovered Isiris sector, warmasters are planning to launch a crusade into the new expanse by finding a way past the warpstorms in the koronus expance by moving Rimwards from the periphery, towards the supposed location of the isiris sector.

Black Crusade campaigns: not gotten around to this yet

Deathwatch campaign… yes, only 1, will be about the Retard marines… or more commonly known as the Spesshul Mahweens. Details is still being worked on by Chapter Master Stolf and I (Iseir)

The Imperium

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